Spring 2014 Applications!

Want to be a member a GlobeMed at GWU? We want you, too! Applications for Spring 2014 new members are due to gwu@globemed. org by Jan. 20 at midnight. Want to learn more about GlobeMed before you apply? Come to our first meeting of the semester on Sunday, Jan. 19 at 4 pm in the Marvin Center, room 402-404 OR email us with questions! Click here to download the new member application. We look forward to meeting all of you!

The Road Ahead

As we begin our General Body Meetings for the semester and as we welcome our GROW Team back to DC, we have some big changes in store!  During our most recent GROW trip, the interns continued observing the status of the Maternal Health Education Program, including the status of the cooperative farming initiative for women who have completed the education program. It was realized, in a collective decision among GlobeMed at GW, GlobeMed National Office, and the RVCP, that further funding would not provide a sustainable solution to the issues existing in the program. For this reason, GlobeMed at GW will be repartnering with a new NGO by the end of this academic year.

Our focus this semester will, then, be to ensure a smooth transition of partnership and to ensure that the RVCP is equipped with as many resources as possible to apply for and receive the newly available government funding for their education program and for the cooperative. The Rwandan government, under the VIsion 2020 plan, aims to provide increased funding for programs exactly like RVCP’s eduction and cooperative programs. Rather than preventing them from receiving such funding as a private donor, we plan on equipping them with the knowledge and skills to receive the funding that is available to them. In the spirit of sustainable, country-owned aid, we feel that we’ve reached a natural point at which to repartner, one where our partner has benefited from our previous work and will further benefit from independence from a US-based NGO. 

Back in DC, we have some exciting events planned for this semester! We will be fulfilling our financial commitments to RVCP, and therefore will continue fundraising. On Parent’s Weekend at GW (Friday 18-Oct until Sunday 20-Oct), we have our annual Hydrate for Humanity event, where we plan to sell water bottles in the name of sustainable and clean water sources. We have a lot more events coming up as well, so check back here or on our Facebook page for even more information!


Come to our Info Session and APPLY!

GOOD NEWS! We want to tell you all about GlobeMed at GWU. Join us for some videos, chicken wings and lots of GlobeMed fun on Wednesday, Aug. 28 at 5:30 pm in Marvin 307!! Join the Facebook event here.

Think you’re ready to become a GlobeMedder? Click here to download the Fall 2013 staff application. Please send your completed application to gwu@globemed.org by Tuesday, September 3rd at 11:59 pm!

To the Class of 2017:

Welcome to GWU!! We really enjoyed meeting you all at Colonial Inauguration, and we would LOVE for you to become a part of the GlobeMed family. We will release member applications via email and this site in early August, so look out for that. Please email gwu@globemed.org with any questions, and check out our site to learn more about what we do!

Here are some pictures from our 2013 GROW Team:


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Follow our 2013 GROW Team!!

Each year, GlobeMed at GWU sends 4-5 students to Rwanda to work with our global partner, The Rwanda Village Concept Project. After a long journey, this year’s GROW team has arrived in Butare, Rwanda! Over the next 9 weeks, Abhi, Hannah, Maddie, Molly, and Natasha will work with RVCP to expand the Huye Health Clinic, run our Maternal Health Education Program, collect data to help improve our programs in future years, and more.


Follow their summer and read weekly updates at writingrwanda.wordpress.com.

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